Healthcare Marketing Professionals works with local physicians, dentists and professional offices like yours to help you get your practice and your life back. We know what you went through to become a doctor and we know the growing pains that come with running a practice in today’s hyper-competitive, attention deficit society.

We have crafted our services to meet and exceed your needs so you can live like a “Doc Star” both in and out of the exam room. The solutions below allow you, the M.D., to seamlessly incorporate the “other M.D.” (Marketing Director) into your business without having to worry about hiring an advertising firm that doesn’t get your business, your work flow and your core objectives.

We only work for and produce results for local, professional practices like yours. Results like the $1.8 million in new revenue we found for one office when we changed their messaging to attract only their ideal patient and stopped marketing to everyone else. You can find similar results by taking action with one of our signature solutions below: 

Healthcare Marketing Integrated Coaching

Brian Wright and the team at Healthcare Marketing Professionals are opening up their extensive business and marketing vault to an exclusive and limited group of ambitious, action taking professional practices in our Integrated Tele-Coaching Program.

In this program, Brian will work with you directly, one-on-one, in weekly, scheduled coaching calls to work through your business and marketing challenges and create specific, custom-tailored approaches to utilize social media, e-newsletters, referral programs, relationship marketing, direct mail and more to create a personality driven practice that drives in new patients that you enjoy working with and add the kind of bottom line profit numbers that will make all those years in Med School more than worth it.

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The HMP Mastermind Group

Why leave the financial future of your practice up to just you and your own thoughts and ideas. Joining a Mastermind Group with other professionals, all focused on the singular goal of becoming more successful, living a better life and helping your patients to live healthier lives, is the single quickest way to reach all of your own personal and professional goals.

During our live, in-person, Mastermind Sessions you will experience and become engulfed in the 8 Practice-Building Benefits:

1. Facilitated, Accelerated Learning and Application of Strategies
2. Friendly Accountability and Encouragement
3. Forced and Faster Implementation
4. A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied
5. Peer Advisory and the Creation Of Sounding Boards for Refocus and Rejuvenation
6. The Opportunity For Alliances, Referrals and Partnerships With Other Local Doctors
7. Personal Attention, Guidance, Advice and Coaching From the “Other MD” Brian Wright
8. Becoming A Park Of An Elite, Life-Changing Group Of Extraordinary Physicians and Dentists

Your practice deserves the accountability that only a Mastermind Group can provide and Brian Wright is the facilitator that can add an extra 5, 6 or 7 figures to your practice’s lifetime bottom line!

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Done-For-You Practice Marketing Program

Running your practice requires you to change hats more often that you might imagine. Healthcare Marketing Professionals has built a reputation as the only “done-for-you” marketing program developed, designed and integrated just for today’s local practices.

Finally, the worry of patient attraction, communication, social media, and marketing your practice can become hands-off and worry-free. Brian Wright and his team of healthcare marketing strategists have developed a strategic marketing system that has proven to grow the profits, fan base and referrals for local healthcare offices, doctors and dentists just like you.

The “Other M.D.” ™ is ready to officially become your marketing director in your business, running campaigns and systems that include:

- Article marketing to display your expertise and drive online searches into your practice marketing funnel

- Implementing a money-making e-newsletter custom designed for your practice

- Finding ways to implement HIPPA compliant testimonials into your marketing to attract more of the profit-filled patients you love helping in your practice

- Survey marketing to see why your patients choose you, why they visit your office and why they are coming back so you can create the right marketing messages for your ideal patients

And so much more…

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